Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Love Letters in the Sand"

As I walked along the beach, I stopped to read the hearts carved in the sand, filled with peoples names and the year 2013.  Seeing these names and the love that was being expressed reminded me of the Pat Boone song 'Love Letters in the Sand'.


My walk did not include my camera so I couldn't wait to take the same walk the following day... camera - check, beach -check, walk - check, love letters - gone.  The tides had rolled in and had washed those beautiful love letters out to sea.  But I had my 
camera and my Ben's birthday was the next day.  I could write my own love letters in the sand.

I found a love letter written in the sand last year to me from my grandson, Cameron. And, received via email.  

Now, I wonder if maybe those couples who had written their love letters in the sand had taken pictures or maybe, all they have are their memories.  Today, there are more letters left by the edge of the sea.  Maybe photographed or e-mailed or maybe just a memory.

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