Friday, September 6, 2013

A Simple Little Jersey Dress

Shopping on Carnaby Street in London at the famed store, Biba's.  Buying lingerie at boutiques in Paris or dresses on 5th Avenue,
New York, the world was mine as a Pan Am stewardess.  Whatever was "hot" in the world was at my fingertips. At the time, the look was mod and mini and that is what I wanted. I would just schedule to be on a flight to that destination and buy or drool over the hot fashions... This was the 60's. 

By the 70's, I was home with two little children and a husband just finishing law school.  I was working part time and trying to make enough money to help pay our bills.  Now, clothing was something I borrowed. Luckily, my sister-in-law and friends were the same size and swapping clothes was something we always did.  One of my friends was working at a clothing boutique, and always wore the most cutting edge fashions.  At the time, I remember, Diane Von Furstenberg and her jersey dresses were the most sought after pieces to wear.  I had a rehearsal dinner to attend, and immediately went to Helena's closet to borrow one.

The dress fit perfectly and could be worn today, 35 years later and still look great.  The colors were just right for fall and the pattern, timeless.  From that night on, I have loved Diane Von Furstenburg fashions.  I think this was one of the first designs Diane Von Furstenburg had made and brought to America.  It was a shirtwaist dress and a classic, before her signature wrap dress became popular.

It was at least 25 years later before I actually bought my own wrap dress.  I remember the first night I wore it.  

Jimmy had taken me to a romantic little French restaurant.  I felt like a movie star wearing it and decided the wrap dress was going to remain in my wardrobe.
Since that first aqua and indigo blue jersey wrap dress,  I have bought others.  

Each time I wear one, I still feel as special as I did in the original.

          And, I still like to borrow and share the creations...

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  1. Timeless dresses and I love that first picture of you! Beautiful!!