Friday, April 12, 2013

Pink and Green and Lilly

"Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink."
Lilly Pulitzer

Wearing a 'Lilly' does mean sunshine and happy days.  If there was ever anything we could call 'feel good' clothing, this is it.  Lilly  chose her colors from a palette of the greens found on palms and kee lime trees to the colors of citrus oranges and pink grapefruits to pineapple shades and the corals of sunrises and sunsets over the turquoise waters surrounding Florida.  Wearing any fabric in these colors meant sophisticated relaxation.

I can't remember when I bought my first Lilly but I do know my sister introduced me to the Lilly shift. Doris would wear them daily when not in a golf skirt (but I bet her golf skirts were Lilly)

 and would always look so perfect.  I wish I still had some of those 'vintage' adorable dresses.  But I do have memories of some.  One, a pink and green shift that I wore the night I was introduced to Jimmy's cousins at a family cookout. The dress was special, but with the tied on kerchief around my hair and a Bermuda bag and a pair of Pappagallo flats that was style!
And, when I saw the picture below on Pinterest, I thought of a favorite of mine. It was a long green and white shift with a gorgeous matching triangular shaped shawl trimmed in a white ric rac.

When Little Jimmy was born.  My roommate from college, Maura and her Mom, came to visit me.  What I remember is both of them were wearing Lilly's. I learned at that point, these simple frocks looked great no matter where you were going or what you were doing and, they were multi-generational.  

                                                                 Lilly dress I wore of  Maura's

Then, Lilly seemed to disappear from my personal style until a                     revival when my children 

                         and grandchildren began wearing it. 

 Seeing them dressed in the styles I loved brought back such memories that I had to buy not only for them but for me.

We love the Lilly style so much, that entertaining "In the Pink" is the only way to have a summer party.

Quoting Lilly, "Live every day like it's a celebration and make every hour HAPPY HOUR"

Here is to you, Lilly!

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