Thursday, April 4, 2013

What a Coincidence.

 I saw this bottle brush tree, in the little village of Darien, Georgia, and immediately thought of my daughter-in-law, Susan.  For some reason, we had gotten into a discussion about flowering trees and I mentioned the bottle brush tree.  I told her I would point one out to her, but had forgotten.  When I saw this gorgeous one, I snapped a picture and emailed it right off to her.   

No more than two minutes after sending the picture, I spotted a folk art sculpture of a bottle tree.  
What a coincidence... first the brush tree, then the bottle tree.

   As I drove further through the village, I saw more,

and more of these folk art trees

Then two days later, I was in Chestnut Hill, my home town. 
I walked into CU?IO, an antique shop .  The first thing I spotted was a  French wine bottle drying rack - another 
type of bottle tree.

Do you think I find this coincidence interesting because of all of the baby bottles I have washed in my life??

                                                                               Bottles and brushes from Target

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  1. Beautiful pics. I hope to see a bottle brush tree in real life some day...