Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Denim Skirts

When shopping at Anthropologie, I spotted a handpainted jean skirt.  The memories it brought back!

It was a Friday night in the spring of 1966. I had returned to my college dorm with friends.  As we entered the building at the all girls college, a group of boys were also entering.  One asked if a mixer was being held that night.  A mixer was a dance where different single sex colleges would get together for an evening of dancing and fun.  The mixer at my college was actually scheduled for the next night, but we invited them to come in to our social room where we spent the evening listening to music, sipping cokes, and playing card games.  I have to admit, one of those boys, I thought, was adorable.  I was thrilled when they said they would make the hour and a half trip back for the mixer the next night.

The following night arrived as did the group, including the one I thought was so adorable.  I can still see him standing there wearing his Kahkis, a Madras jacket, and the biggest smile when our eyes connected. We danced, we talked, we told our life histories, and before the evening was over, we were business partners.

Rules were still followed back then.  Pants were not allowed to be worn to class at this all female college unless the temperature dipped into the 30s, 
                                blue jean skirts were not permitted.

So, colorful jean skirts became the rage on campus that spring.  I had heard there was a factory in the town where 'Jimmy' attended college and suggested that we go into business together.  I would take orders in the sizes and colors of the girl's choice, and pass that information onto him.  He would pick up boxes upon boxes of sherbet colored denim skirts

and bring them to me for delivery.  It sounds easy, but it was a business.  Hours on a pay phone, meetings, discussions about orders, getting to know each other and falling in love.  I wonder if the denim skirts were the real reason we went into business or just a way to be together...  Either way, we had a blast and this entrepreneurship led to the best business - 

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