Saturday, February 2, 2013

Madame Alexander Dolls

World Wings International, Inc., the philanthropic organization for former Pan Am employees, just posted this...                 

                                                                     Photo from Madame

          Madame Alexander has made dolls in Pan Am uniforms!

                                                               Photos from Madame

I still have my 10" Madame Alexander Christening doll and an Alice in Wonderland  Madame Alexander doll tucked up in my attic. I have given Alexanders to my girls, Tammy has a Christmas Angel, Amanda a Ballerina,  and I have given them as gifts to others.  I made sure that I gave a Baby Huggums, another Madame Alexander doll, to each of my granddaughters on their first Christmas. To me there is always something special about unwrapping the gift paper and finding that signature blue box, taking off the lid, folding back the pink tissue  to find the perfect little doll waiting to be hugged - to a little girl, better than a Tiffany diamond could ever be...        

      Gemma                                    and                                       Addie

   with their babies

Now I am perplexed, should I buy one? Oh, what do I do? They are sold out of the limited edition, Pan Am 10" doll  (there were 200 made).  I might be blonde, but I don't have long hair like the 16" doll, (there were 150 made).  There were 75 dolls made 21" tall, these have my haircut, but the price...  Do I need a doll? I did fly with Pan Am, it is my uniform, it is a collectible, it could be an heirloom, but really???

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