Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Treats

Happy Easter!

When Jimmy and I bought our first home, I could not have been happier.  Little did I know but there was a bonus wrapped up in the sale of that home -  a neighbor who would become my tennis partner, a walking buddy, someone to have coffee with, tea with, go to the beach with, share stories and dinners with, exercise with, share recipes with, belly dance with or do projects with.  And, Easter always makes me think of her.  

Gail and I would get involved in creating Easter confections for our children.  As I remember, the first year it was a cute bunny cake covered with colored frosting and lots of coconut and jelly beans.  

                                                                                 Photo from Bing

The next year, we added coconut eggs dipped in milk chocolate with the recipient's name written in icing on each one.  These, we placed around the dinner table as place cards.

                                                                                Photo from Bing

But the piece de resistance was our sugar eggs with an Easter scene diorama inside.  Gail and I used her grandmother's molds and her grandmother's recipe.  We had no idea how many hours we would spend creating these.  Mixing the sugar and egg white mixture to the right consistency, filling the egg molds, letting them dry - but just a little. Then, we would scoop out the inside to make it hollow and watch it crumble in our hands and need start over.  We adventually mastered the technique and were so excited to present our children with this magical Easter surprise. 

                                                                             Photo from Bing

 Whenever I see these eggs for sale, or the chocolate coconut eggs, or make a bunny cake, I think of Gail and the fun times we had being young stay at home moms and best of friends!

                                                            The two of us with Gail's triplet Grandsons


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