Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Make New Friends, But Keep The Old"

Outside of my local market, I saw a very familiar sight for this time of the year.  A group of Girl Scouts peddling their yummy cookies.

                                                                                          Photo taken from Pintrest

My thoughts immediately went to my favorite, Thin Mints, I could taste them, and feel the crunch they make when you bite and chew them, my mouth was watering.  How many boxes, should I buy?  The Grandkids will be coming, I can freeze them, oh, and one box for right now.  Check, check, check, at least three. Sold!

                                                                               Photo From Tumblr  - Vintage Scouts

How happy these little girls were with the sale and all of a sudden I was recalling my days of Brownies and Girl Scouts.  Whether it was thumbing through the manuel and choosing which badge I would work for next, or the fun times I would have at meetings.  We would be learning the Morse Code, and sign language, playing games and singing songs. What a wonderful, wholesome  activity for a child.

As I write this, I think of a song I learned as a Brownie and have sung ever since - "Make New Friends and Keep the Old, One is Silver and the Other Gold".  This little song has a special meaning to me because on the first day of 7th grade, I made a new friend,  Linda Carol.  This song, the two of us sang and quoted throughout the umpteen years of being the best of friends.  I can still remember her walking up to me, that morning, with a question.  The answer was no, but the bond of friendship was made.

From sleepovers, (where one night we shared a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints in bed and woke up with melted chocolate covering us and the sheets, having fallen asleep eating them), 

Photo from Tumblr - Pinctaylor
to studies and plays, and movies and music, to sharing clothes and stories and all of our teen's drama. We stuck together.. 

Then it was off to college. 
  Letters we sent and vacations we shared.
Marriages and children, happy times, 

and sometimes, not so happy times, but we have been there for each other.
Still, vacations we share and e-mails we send.

And, now a Blog
wishing my 'Golden' Friend a
Happy Birthday.

                                Linda Carol, you are The Best!
         And don't forget "Make New Friends but Keep the Old!"

                                         Love You,

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