Thursday, January 10, 2013


The year was 1976.  A big year for our country as we celebrated it 's 200th Anniversary.  A big year for my parents as they celebrated their 50th anniversary.  And, a really big year for me because I was going to have another baby before the year was over.  Jimmy and Tammy were both in school, we had moved to a new home. And, as the saying goes "new house, new baby".  This was the best house warming gift anyone could want.  Spring and summer flew by as we attended Grandmom's and Grandpop's anniversary, tall ship parades, fireworks,                            

other Americana celebrations, several weddings and vacations at the seashore.  But once fall came,  I could hardly wait for my baby to be born.  I had three more months, but people thought it would be any day.  Oh, how I wished they were right! The weeks dragged on as I kept busy knitting bonnets and booties and waiting.  Because I have ceaserian sections, I was able to choose the date that I wanted.  I chose the first available so that I could meet my little one as soon as possible. On a bitter cold December 3rd, I was presented with a beautiful, perfect baby boy. 

 We gave him a strong Scottish name Andrew Douglas Robertson Wilson, honoring my side of the family. We came home from the hospital a week later and he was greeted with one happy and one not so happy sibling, who quickly adjusted and was thrilled to have a brother.

And a better one, no one could want.  Andy was calm, relaxed, and easy going - a delight to have around.  Andy just went with the flow from car shopping on the day he came home from the hospital, to basketball games, soccer games, swim meets, and out to dinner often.  He was such a smiley, happy
little guy with the biggest blueberry eyes that I wanted him with me every minute!
But then, he discovered balls....

His first word was not Mama or Dada but "ball" and they became his love.  I think he was obsessed with them from before his first birthday.  Whether it was rolling, pitching, kicking, throwing or dunking, he loved it.

                    As he got older, hitting a tennis ball or driving a golf ball became his passion.

To this day, whatever Andy's interests are, he puts has heart and soul into them.
He never complains, is patient, hardworking and as happy as the day he was born.

 Now, to see him as a husband and father,                                  I am so proud.

I love you Andy,

Happy Birthday, XXOOX, Mommy

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