Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"

I am so glad that I decided to turn Mason Jars into Snow Globes.  Even though at least one third of the country is suffering from a blizzard snow storm and freezing temperatures, we in New England are having rain and spring like temperatures.  My Snow Globes are holding the only snow that we may see this Christmas!

I happened to be in Michaels Craft Store and spotted miniature Christmas trees. It crossed my mind that I had seen Mason Jar Snow Globes at Anthropology last year.  A ta-da moment!  I will make these.  I bought two bags of trees and a bag of snow and put it away and probably never would have gotten around to making them if I hadn't received an invitation from my daughter-in-law and granddaughter to come to a craft making party.  The invitation said " come, we will have crafts to make or bring your own".  Perfect.  Time set aside for a social visit as well as creative.

When I arrived, Susan and Brooke and Brooke's friends were busy making pomanders with cloves, oranges, and spices.    

Others were making candy wreathes or
ribbon wreathes while sipping 
punch or Prosecco


                Even the youngest children had
              fun designing a holiday decoration.

  I didn't attempt to make anything other than the Snow Globes.  I loved them and gave them all away.

Tammy sent me a link to Anthropology advertising them for $40.00.  So today, I went out and bought more trees and created six additional to give as very expensive gifts!

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