Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Sweaters

Am  I the only one in America who still loves to wear a Christmas Sweater?

I pack mine away every year, along with my candy cane and snowflake and Christmas tree earrings.  As soon as the season is once again upon us, I pull them out to begin wearing.  When I put them on, I always think, my grandchildren are going to love this.  

But you know what, they never comment. So, I end up saying, "look what Nanny is wearing, and just for you". 

 It is for them, but also for me.  Why should all of the decorating just be for the house? I like to be festive, too!  I think those Christmas sweaters are so much fun and such a statement.  I don't have mine today because my daughter-in-law borrowed it to wear to a crazy Christmas sweater party.  I also gave her my candy cane earrings and a holiday red ribbon to wear in her hair. I'm sure she looks terrific and I was so happy to share, but I can't wait to wear it on Christmas day!

Still festive in a Gap tee featuring a Christmas tree, a green sweater and my standard Christmas tree earrings!

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