Thursday, January 10, 2013

And, it began with Santa

Andy was born in the beginning of December.  That Christmas, my sister, Doris, sent a gift for him with a needlepoint Santa ornament that she had made, tied to the package.  Each year as I hang that Santa on the tree, I think of Andy's first Christmas and my sister who had made it for him.

As my children got older, I wanted to needlepoint a special ornament for each of them.  One that triggered a memory.  Little Jimmy grew up playing with a nativity set that my Mother had given him
when he was a baby.  It never had a stable.  When Jimmy was about 9, he made one himself out of an orange crate.  It was perfect.  I wish we still had it, but I do have an ornament that I made of the Nativity and I think of that Christmas each time I see it.

For Tammy,  I have an Angel.  Need I say more?  She was always my little angel.  This ornament, Aunt Dor, (Tammy's Godmother) helped me make. So, it is special to all of us.  It is as beautiful as my little girl.

Andy was a shepherd boy in our church Christmas Pagent.  When I saw the canvas for a Shepard, I knew this was for Andy.  When I look at it, I see that smiling shepherd boy of mine.

I made Amanda's the winter she was pregnant with Jameson.  It's a very round and adorable snowgirl ballerina.  I remember what a special time that was and what a beautiful dancer she is.

I enjoyed  making them so much, that I had to continue with one for each of my Grandchildren.

Ben loved to have me read  'Twas the Night before Christmas'.  His ornament is a little blonde haired boy anxiously awaiting Santa's visit.

We had a gingerbread house in our dining room.  Jameson could not wait to break off a little piece and begin nibbling on the cottage.  Of course, his is a gingerbread house.

Brookie, loved to explore and every chance she had she would be running to touch the decorations on the tree.  I remember saying.  "just to look, not to touch".  Now she has her own little Christmas tree and she can touch whenever she would like.

Cameron was so concerned about Santa's naughty or nice list that he wanted to see it for himself.
When I spotted a Santa reading a list, I knew that I would soon be making it for Cam.

I found almost identical pink candy canes.  One has hearts, Ella's.  The other has mini Christmas trees, Avery's.  I made them both but let them decide which one each would have.  I saw the girls today point each out to their Mother.

This winter, I must get busy and make two more.  Addison and Gemma  have their own personalities.  Now to find a canvas that reminds me of them.

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