Thursday, January 10, 2013

Auld Lang Syne

It's hard to believe, in just a few hours, 2012 will be in our past.

Picture from Huffington Post

At midnight, we will be singing that Scottish ballad my father taught me when I was a little girl.  When he would recite it, he always said it with the Scottish brogue which I found hard to understand. He loved reading and reciting poetry.  Being a Scotsman, Robert Burns was one of his favorite poets.  
And, I found it interesting that when I met a distant cousin from Scotland, living in Bermuda, she was President of The Robert Burns Society.  The love of poetry must be in the genes!

As the words say, let us not forget the olden times and to remember our friendships.

 The tradition is to begin singing it one minute before midnight, the bells chime at midnight, then continue until one minute after,                         as we welcome in the New Year.

       To Friendship and Family, Good Health and Happiness!

                       Happy New Year!!

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