Thursday, January 10, 2013

When Did It Begin?

Room Beginnings...  I'm trying to remember where and when my love for decorating began. Was it as a preschooler,  turning areas of my family sun porch into cozy little spaces for my baby dolls? Or, as a little girl in love with decorating a doll house, how about moving dining room chairs around then covering them with blankets to make a little home for myself?  I was always creating special spaces for
myself and my dolls.  Coloring pictures to be  hung on walls or moving pillows and lamps.  I loved to do it.  I was continually imagining a new look.

Even though she didn't know she was teaching me, I was following in my Mother's creative footsteps.  She was a floral designer and had an amazing eye for color and a love of design.  Between her, her best friend, who was an interior designer, and my older sisters, I learned.

At the age of eleven, I was given an Amish quilt sewn by a family friend.  The main color was red.  I was taken to a furniture showroom and there, made my first design decisions. I chose a 'big' canopy bed, a beautiful white dust ruffle, canopy and bedspread all with red trim and small hearts embroidered on the edges.  It was very Pennsylvania Dutch and a perfect accompaniment  for my new quilt.  The room was a preteen's dream.

                                                                       art created on iPad 
As I am writing this, I am thinking of my Granddaughter, Brooke, also eleven.  When I asked what she would like from me for Christmas, I was told that she would like to redecorate her bedroom.  We will soon begin looking through pictures, paint charts, fabrics and carpet samples.  When she was younger, everything revolved around the color purple. I wonder what she will like now and whether she is following in her Nanny's footsteps..

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