Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Christmas Story

A new movie had just opened with Christmas in the title.  So, I decided to take Tammy, Andy and Amanda to see it because it did say 'A Christmas Story'.  

I can remember how cold it was and the long walk we made to the theater but it was going to be a fun outing with my children.  The movie began, and I began to wonder if I had mad a mistake - was this a little to grown up for my two youngest?  A father getting a package with a female leg wearing fishnet stockings in a crate saying FRAGILE...that he pronounce FRA-Geel-ee and exclaiming "it must be Italian".

After that, I didn't care what age the movie was for because I was enjoying it immensely as were my children.  One scene after another was filled with rip roaring laughter. To this day, just thinking about it, brings a smile.  Whether it is thinking about the school scene with the little boy's tongue getting stuck to the ice cold pole.  

The dreams of a Red Rider b b gun, the bulky snow suits,

 the classroom scene with the children writing their Christmas wish list, having mouths washed out with soap, 

Bunny Rabbit pajamas 

or a Chinese Christmas dinner, we laughed.  We are not the only ones, this movie is such a classic that it is broadcast for 24 hours from Christmas Eve through Christmas day.  At our house, it plays for a good many of those hours and we all go in to watch it and have a laugh at our favorite part.

I would say, this has become a Christmas ritual.  So much so, that we surprised Little Jimmy with a new lamp a few Christmases ago.  

           He was thrilled! 

 Of course we own the movie but also night lights, 

key chains, and pajamas. 

Last night was Cameron's Birthday party and we played a game of pass the present, I was lucky enough to have the gift stop with me, and, when I unwrapped it, I received for a prize a leg-lamp stress reliever toy.


 Just thinking about the movie and how we will be able to watch parts of it together in just a few hours makes me happy! 
                                Merry Christmas to All!!

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