Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Was So Wrong!

While  anticipating what was going to be my weekend project,  I googled 'How To Decorate A Christmas Tree'.  Well, after 45 years of decorating at least 65 trees, I learned that I have been going about it completely the wrong way. I started out correctly by applying the lights.  Then it ended.  According to the internet, I was supposed to begin at the top of the tree with the garland and wrap it in a downward spiral to the base, followed by the ornaments.

All of these years, I have thought of my tree as a Victorian lady getting dressed for the biggest night of her life.  Dressing her with gorgeous sentimental baubles, beginning at the bottom with ones that would not break,  moving up to precious balls and fancy trinkets.  And at the top, small, little sparkley jewels that would surround our angel.  Then, beginning at the bottom of our tree, and working to the top surround it with necklaces of pearls and lastly ribbons.

This weekend, I followed the directions found on the internet.  
Step # 1 :  after the lights, apply the garlands starting from the top and working to the bottom

When it came to the ornaments, I had to have my little ones decorate the bottom of the tree with the unbreakables.  

                        Gemma beginning the decorating with candy canes

Almost completely decorated. The magic pickle was hidden deep within the branches.
Now, a prize needs to be bought to be awarded to the finder.

                Cameron searching for the pickle, Ella, Avery and Addie applying the
                                                         last ornaments.

  The old way                                            and                                    The new way.

                                                                                                      Was I really wrong??

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