Thursday, January 10, 2013

A is for Alice and Antiques

Last week I went with my daughters to the Museum of Fine Arts to attend a photography exhibit.  As I exited the exhibit, I saw the doors leading into the Americana Wing. I could see gorgeous pieces of furniture, silver, and paintings from Colonial New England.  I said to my girls "Whenever I see this section of the museum, I think of my sister, Alice".  I remember many years ago visiting the museum with her.  She would point out to me things I would never have known - whether  it was a primitive painting, a silver rattle, or a High Boy and how you could tell that it was made in New England and why it was different than one made in Maryland or Virginia. She was an expert and loved studying, searching, and finding these treasures. Her antiques store was like a beautiful colonial home.  It was as if each piece had been placed in a historic museum to just admire, but all were for sale and she was a fabulous salesperson.  After hearing the history of a jug, or tapestry, a painting or chest, you wanted to own it! She was living her passion.  And, still gets excited by a new find today!

Today is Alice's birthday and I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of the two of us plus other family members through the years...

                          Love you, Betsy

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