Friday, January 18, 2013

Books, Books and More Books

When I would go home to Philadelphia, after my mother had died, I would stay with my father.  My friends and family members would often ask me to do things with them.  Daddy would say "if you drop me at the library, you can take my car".  I would do just that and have a great day.  Now, as I think back, what a wonderful place the library was for my father.  It was an escape from the afternoon loneliness of being a widower.  He could read the papers, his favorite poetry books, study history and just be 'not alone'.

When I enter a library, I feel as if I want to stay, whether it is the books for companions or just the feeling that time is standing still.  Whatever it is, it is special.

A new bookstore just opened in my town and that library feeling is what I felt as I entered.  There were leather chairs on oriental carpets in cozy reading areas, 

books stacked on antique dining tables, 

and books stacked so high in bookcases that library ladders were necessary. 

I needed to explore each section and I wanted to curl up and read.  

In this day of Kindles, iPads and i-readers, and bookstore closings, it is wonderful to see one open that can trigger memories. My Dad would love it.  I am sure it will be a success!

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